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Ready for an amazing customised logo just for you to start up your business and look professional within 3 days?


Your own logo

With the Logo Shop you pick any premium logo, get it customised + brand style sheet within three days and know that you are the only one with that logo
Perfect for start-ups! 

This collection was created for the Wildly client who is someone passionate and driven about what they do. They are just starting out their business and need a original and high-end logo quickly to reflect their current vision so they can start working, but without the high price tag.



Pick a logo from the collection that you feel defines your business


I will change to your business name and colour scheme within 3 days


Logo files, social media profile image, colours, fonts + one free alteration 


Voila you have your new logo to start up your business!



  • Ready to set up your own business
  • Don't have the budget right now for a full brand, but want to look pro
  • Aren't sure of your services, but want a logo first before a full brand identity
  • Love helping others and making the world a better place
  • Want to help others with your service or product

  • Enjoy quality design and want a unique logo that no one else has

  • Don't have design skills, but know what you want

  • You want to launch as soon as possible

Logo shop

  • Unique premium logos that are professionally made by a designer
  • Will only be sold once, then off the shelf and never sold again
  • Pre-made, but no one will have the same logo as you!
  • Business name and colours are customised around the logo so it looks pro
  • No need for any design program, I sort it all out for you
  • Logos will be given to you in different formats and ready for you to launch
  • Receive the logo within three working days. We promote all our clients!
  • PS: contact me if you are a charity and I will give you half price!

The logo collection

All of the logos are business concepts and names I have created. Each can be customised to your name, type of business and colours. Click on the image to see more varieties!

Quick View
Ice Pop
Quick View
Quick View
Raw + Bar
Quick View
Quick View
Clean Water
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Like A Boss
Quick View
Salty Wave
Quick View
Health Tail
Quick View
Soul Bowl
Quick View
Olivia Smith
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Sacred Heart
Quick View
Well Pure
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Yogi Love
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Quick View
Eco Zero
Quick View
Spring Foundation
Quick View
Wild Child
Quick View
Quick View
Figs Dates
Quick View
Quick View
Beauty Sea
Quick View
Quick View
The Find
Quick View
Quick View
Soul True
Quick View

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Extra bits

Will anyone have the same logo as me?

Nope! Once you have purchased a logo from the collection it's completely yours and will be sold out on the website!

Do I need design programs or experience?

Once you have purchased I will do all the changes for you and make sure it looks amazing! So no need to worry, you will recieve also guidelines on how to use it.

When can I have it ready by?

After purchasing the logo and giving me all the information you will recieve the logo within 3 working days! Perfect if you are ready to get your business out there!

Can I change the colours?

Yes! Either let me know what colours or send me some images of what colours you have in mind and I will customise this! You get 2-4 colours depending on what your business and logo needs.

I need more designs made, can you do that?

Yes! If you need a lot of work done then head on to my Services Page . This is a full package for people that know exactly what they want. However, if you just need maybe a business card or a marketing post, then let me know and we can find out how I can help you :)

How much does it cost?

The Wildly Logo is £500, this includes your own logo, colour palette, one-page branding guidelines on how to use it and a recommended free font that matches your new logo.

What is your refund policy?

This product is sold digital and can't be returned and is non-refundable. Make sure that you know exactly which logo you want and if you have any questions pop me a message Contact me

Why did you create the logo collection?

I have a lot of start-ups contacting me for a quick logo, but my main focus is to provide excellent brand identities that truly reflect the business in all ways. However, when first starting businesses it can be really hard to know what your business will become, with the Logo collection I can help people that are just starting up.

Can I get it customised?

Unfortunately no. These logos are for start-up businesses that aren't in the phase of a full brand identity. If you are interested head over to my services page.

What if I want more in the future?

As a bonus for buying a logo from the collection you will also get a voucher that gives you 10% off The Wildly Refresh package! This is amazing value once you really know who your clients are, what you offer and know that you need a full brand identity, marketing material and website designs!


want more?

If you have grown and need a complete package then head to

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