Spring Foundation

Spring Foundation


Wake up! Spring Foundation was originally inspired by a foundation that wants to symbolise a new fresh beginning. It's a lovely logo that would work well with any charity, foundation or even a health-based business that wants to use leaves for their symbol. 


  1. During check-out you will fill out a form asking about your business, business name and tagline (if you have one), colour preferences, facebook cover text and any other questions you have.
  2. Once purchased, the logo will be taken off the collection and you are the only one that will have it! No need to worry about someone having the same logo!
  3. I will email you with any questions I have and you can do the same.
  4. You get one set of edits. If you have any edits, I will email back with your new logo within three working days from receiving your feedback.

You will get:

  • Your amazing new logo ready to use!
  • Different file formats: JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF
  • Extra secondary logos (horizontal, vertical, stamp, sub mark)
  • Logo in white and black
  • Patterns and illustrations by themselves (if the logo has one)
  • Recommended free font to go with your new logo
  • BONUS: Social media profile photo and banner


  • One round of revisions if needed. This will then take up to three extra days. 
  • You won't get the font in the logo, it will be outlined, but you get a link to a free font to use that matches the logo.
  • Only colour and name are to be changed. I will adjust around the business name.
  • If you want any extra graphics that will come at an additional cost. Contact me and we can figure out what you need and the price. 
  • No need for design programs and doing it yourself, I have it under control ;)
  • This logo will only be sold ones, so do not worry about others having the same.

Copyright © The Wildly Design. This logo is licensed for one business only. Any items included may not be copied, distributed, altered or resold in any form or fashion. Due to the digital nature of this service, refunds are not available. 

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Once you purchase the logo you, the design will be sold out and only you will have it. You will also get a questionnaire asking about the name of your business, colours and other designs visions you have. Within three working days you will get the logo sent to you in different file formats + a square photo to use as your social media profile photo + a one-page branding guidelines.