Michele Ivory

Branding + Website + newsletter opt-in



Michele Ivory is passionate about working with owners of small businesses to empower them to feel in control of the financial side.  She offers an amazing program called Financial Confidence Roadmap where she offers one-on-one session and it's all so clearly mapped out! Working with Michele was a dream, because she is super organised and that's someone you need in a coach!


The Design

Once we started working, the process went really smooth with Michele. She knew what she wanted and was confident. We wanted her to look professional, yet at the same time stand out among people in the financial industry and look more friendly and approach for smaller businesses. Michele has lots of experience and qualifications, so she knows what she is doing, by having designs that showed this made her also feel more confident sharing it. To create a warm feeling to her design, I added a sandy wavy texture to be used as a background. It was something we both agreed would add a nice touch to her brand identity! Her logo, simple and elegant, yet modern with a font that is versatile and not quite a sans serif, making it look more modern.


The Website

Fo her website we went a bit different by creating blocked images with boxes with text on top. Modern collage inspired, but still easy for people to navigate. Since we wanted a lot of people to sign up to her newsletter, on her homepage we added this at the top and also in the footer. To divide the text up we styled the fonts using customised bullet points and text blocks, added coloured backgrounds and the sandy texture. It's a site that is informative, yet exciting to work with.


The Extras

For Michele it was important to give a free guide when people signed up to newsletters, so that people would she how much knowledge she has and the quality of how she can help. Designed it and setting it up nicely makes a huge difference when you want to learn something. Dividing the text up with different sizing, colours and making it more exciting, and the best thing to do is making sure that the text is easy to read by changing up the text size and spacing. We also created some beautiful looking social media square images for her to continue with the design and that would draw attention to her amazing program.

I found you very calm, supportive and patient with me. It is hard work setting up a business and moments of self doubt creep in and you were there keeping the project moving.
— Michelle Ivory

If you are interested in having your own unique branding and website drop me a line