Nourished Living

Branding + Website + Marketing



Nirvana from Nourished Living contacted me to revamp her branding. While working on this we also decided to do the website. Nirvana is a nutrition and health coach that specialises in woman fertility.


The Design

We wanted her brand to be friendly and trustworthy. A few keywords that Nirvana wrote down that I absolutely loved "bright (as in sunshine bright), smile, fresh, simple yet edgy". Now, who doesn't want to work with that!

The primary logo has a mix of pattern around it to represent different parts of the business. Leafs: natural/holistic. Sun: bright/centred. Sun & moon: female cycle. Circles: exploring and growing. The pattern is modern, but still friendly and inspired by cultural patterns from around the world. It's a logo that can grow and change up depending on content. 


The Website

Nirvana wanted it to be a resource and guide for women in general and especially during their motherhood adventure. We wanted to continue using the colours, patterns and friendly feel of her brand. For it to be easy for people to find out how to work with her, but also to find inspiration from her blog and resources.

You were very warm in the beginning of the process. You answered all my questions very thoroughly and in a very timely manner. You made me feel comfortable to take the dive and make the investment. Moreover, I felt like you got what I was going for. After working with you on the logo and seeing how great you are going with the webisite was a no brainer :)
— Nirvana

Social media

To promote her amazing work we had some fun with the wording for her launch. We created designs for quotes that would make her brand continue in to her social media and make it more personal to her. Loved working with her colours, images and patterns to create unique pieces that would make her stand out!