How do I do that?

Now wait a minute! What do I actually do? The short explanation is that I carefully create customised brand identities that get noticed + websites that reflect you and reaches your clients. However, I believe in more than making something beautiful or a one-size fits all solution. Instead I research and find out what will catch your dream clients' attention. It's about their experience, how they feel, interact with and understand your brand.


- vision, voice and visual. When all of these combine that's when you get a brand.

Every business has a story and my mission is to share this with your potential viewers. I want them to believe in your idea. It's important to create something that represents your goals & vision and that will speak to your dream audience. I create personalised and unique branding, website designs and graphics that meet your needs and values.


Who is the Wildly Client?

The Wildly client is someone passionate and driven about what they do. Who wants to help & inspire others and make an impact on the world. Make a difference in their industry and on a adventure to embrace their dreams. They are ready to be an expert and invest in their branding and website!



You've had your business for a while, maybe had a designer create a quick logo for you and you've set up a site. But you feel embarrassed even sharing it! It's not reflecting who you want to be and doesn't look professional! You want an established brand presence that you love and feel confident with!


You have amazing ideas to expand your business and grow it online, but you aren't seeing any results and you want to look the best in your field. The website is outdated and hard to navigate. You want to draw your dream clients to your site and get a online presence that causes action and converts to income.


You love helping others and want to make a difference. However, no one knows about you, you'r overwhelmed by social media and writing newsletters are a drag! You are ready to work on what you do best and invest in hiring experts that will make your business look and feel amazing!


You want to share your knowledge and start selling digital products, offer membership programs or sell ebooks! To share your knowledge and create a online presence that sets you as the professional and create a tribe. To have a sales page and start teaching people online. 



how I can help

I want to be help you have an amazing looking brand and a website and online presence that offers your client everything you do. Not only that but, social media graphics, newsletter design and ebooks. To communicate your purpose, find your direction and dream clients.

To make your vision look good,
but also have a meaning!


My Services

I work one-on-one with all my clients. We collaborate together on finding your voice, vision and goals to create a unique brand. I offer a Branding & Website Package, but also provide extra graphics for print, website and social media. 

Ready to invest in your business?


Brand identity

from vision to voice to branding

+ Brand identity that reflects your ideas, personality and shares your story

+ Research and moodboard to find the right visual direction

+ Focus on your business goals and your target market

+ Logo and timeless design that you can continue using yourself - typography combination, the right colours, patterns/illustrations, layout design etc.

+ Make you stand out and look professional, no more DIY! Business card, stationary designs and more


Website design

From identity to online action

+ Not just pretty, but cohesive with your branding and feel confident sharing it!

+ Website that is organised, inspiring and that guides the user into wanting more

+ Have clear Call To Action to drive viewers to act and engage

+ Guide the user through a journey to keep them on the site

+ Easy to maintain Squarspace site and make sure it’s always evolving

+ Tips and example of blogposts images that you can share & drives more traffic 


Other things I do!

Here's a few other ways I can make you look good - contact me for more!

+ Social media graphics and newsletter design to make you stand out!

+ Blog design, sales pages and webshops to improve your site

+ Business cards, letterhead, envelope so you can hand out and be proud of it!

+ PDF guides, eBooks, look books, media kits, presentations 

+ Posters, invites, invoices/contracts, brochures, signage, packaging

+ Illustrations, handlettering and patterns to make it stand out



One-on-one Skype calls or meet-up if in the same area

You're thinking "this is all a bit to quick and I just want some advice on what I should do with my business and make it stand out!?" Well, that's amazing and I would love to help out and discuss your ideas and how we can implement or improve your designs.

I offer one-on-one Skype calls where I can give you advice for the next steps, what can be improved, when is a good time to hire a designer and what's the best way forwards. Contact me to book a time.


Extra bits

What do I need before we start?

To make sure that the process goes quickly, I will send you a Defining Your Brand workbook and can also recommend some amazing business coaches. You would need all your copy and images ready for your website. You will recieve a document that includes guideline for what copy the site needs for each page.

What website platform do you use?

I have choosen squarespaces compared to Wordpress f.ex because I wanted to make it easier for clients after it’s done. It has great customer services if something goes wrong, tutorials for everything you need, extra functions that don’t cost anything and it’s secure so you don’t have to worry about anything.

When can I have it ready by?

I book all my clients in advanced and the Brand and Website Package is a four week process. I give you time before to create your copy and hire photographer if needed.

Can I have a webshop?

If you need a webshop that can be added on, we would need to discuss setup and what pages you will need. I will help set up a few products and after that show you how to do it yourself quick and easy. There is also possibility of membership pages where you can give people private access to a page that includes courses/freebies etc.

What about a membership page

Yes! There is also possibility of membership pages where you can give people private access to a page that includes courses/freebies etc. I think this is a great touch to add to the site and makes your client feel special!

How much does it cost?

The Wildly Refresh starts from £5000, this includes brand identity, logo design, design elements stationary, website, social media graphics, newsletter design and a pdf freebie to give to your clients

Can I make changes?

Yes! Once the website is done you will get a guide on how to use your site and also opportunity to book a time to call me so that we can go through it together and I can show you. It's super easy and I encourage my clients to update their site regularly

I don't have hosting and domain...

No worries, the beauty with squarespace is that it's all included in one place so you don't have to worry about complicated tech stuff and lots of logins and making sure it's done right. I help you and guide you alongthe way. If you have a domain already I will redirect it to the new site. Squarespace has a monthly fee of $12-18 a month. This includes hosting, free domain the first year, support, functions/plugins and regular integrated updates

The Process

Let's Start and meet up!

After contacting me and finding out what you need, I set up a customised plan, price and start date depending on our available time. We then organise a Skype meeting or a coffee date to get to know each other!


Once you are ready I will send a contract with all the details, invoice for a deposit, welcome guide that let's you know a bit more about how we will work together + invitation to a project management system so that you see the whole process, tasks and deadlines.

Let's Discover

We will kick things off by completing a questionnaire that goes through details about your business, target market & visions. I want to understand what you want but also help you push your business & find the right direction.

Gather and inspire

I create a moodboard which is a collection of inspiration for your brand visuals. This is to be sure that we both agree on how it should look. If you have any images or things you love send it to me! You will also recieve a folder to add all your photography, design and website copywriting + extras.

Design time

After completing the moodboard I will start designing and keep you in the loop on how it’s going. Once done I will give you a written description about the look and feel.


There are two extra refinements where you can give me feedback. I guide you on how to do this to make sure we really get what reflects your goals! We communicate during the whole process and can organise skype calls to go through it together.


Before all the files are delivered, or website goes live, I will send you a last invoice that needs to be paid. You will also get tips on how to launch and we go through anything extras you need before. Last invoice will be sent.

Launch - let's make it live!

When this is done I will send you a link for all the files which are ready to use right away or launch your website to go live. You will also be given a guideline and tutorials on how to use it. However, I will be here to help if you do have questions, need guidance or want more design work done later on.


Sound like you?

Yes I love this! Let's bring all the customers to the yard! Contact me now to receive my PDF on how I can help you and book a call!

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