From my clients

  • Hanna helped me shape the ideas in my head into a reality. i love her personal approach to branding and website design. She just "gets" what you're looking for!
    — Vanessa Garrett Yoga
  • Designers I have used in the past have struggled to grasp my vision and would leave me feeling like I could and should of done it myself. When working with you this was not the case, I felt like you understood the direction of my business and your work reflected exactly what I wanted.
    — Lewis Smith, Island Retreats
  • You seemed to know exactly what would suit my style and made a very attractive website. I have recommended you to others.
    — Sue Trower Photography
  • I would certainly recommend your service to others! I felt you were very personable, friendly, creative, and that you really "got" where I was coming from and the vision of my project.
    — Lucy Foster-Perkins