Vanessa Garrett

Branding + Website



Vanessa wanted to offer yoga classes without the pressure or intimidation - "I want it to be a place where I can hold space for people so they can grow in confidence and when they wobble, fall or find a pose challenging, they do so with with a smile on their face."



She came to me with a pretty clear idea - "I want my brand to evoke feelings of connection, accessibility and a good high energy. I love the words: Meraki which means to do something with soul, creativity and love, leaving a piece of yourself in what you do.". Using soft blue tones and a palm tree to represent island life of Jersey, movement and calmness. It stands out and reflects Vanessa's personality. 

Hanna helped me shape the ideas in my head into a reality. I love her personal approach to branding and website design. She just “gets” what you’re looking for!
— Vanessa Garrett Yoga


Our main aim for the site was to make it easy for people to book online for yoga classes and trips. We wanted it to reflect Vanessa's energetic, silly and free spirited mindset. Using the leaves from the branding in a collage effect to make her lovely images stand out. I did hand lettering for the titles to make it more lively and friendly.


If you are interested in having your own unique branding and website drop me a line