brand identity



YogaRama is home to a roving surf and yoga instructor committed to living lightly and sustainably.  Travelling with the seasons and swells; embracing expansion through adventures and following the mantra "tread light, shine bright"



I joined a surfing and yoga class that Natalie was doing and loved how encouraging and caring she was. She knew how to motivate people and so easy to talk to her. When she contacted me for a logo, I was thrilled and she had a brilliant idea for it to. She sent over a sketches that represented yin/yang for yoga, waves for surfing and round circle combining them to represent the earth for ocean and environment awareness. We wanted it to reflect Natalie, ethical, openhearted, trustworthy and also someone who loves having fun.

We started with the yin/yang symbol that transformed in to waves around it and flow in to the circle to represent the earth. The colours ease in to each other and without being too colourful, the colours instead balance. For the wording we added some wavy lines to continue the symbol.

Now Natalie has a logo and brand guidelines she can continue using for her classes and retreats. 


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