10 things you can do to improve your business right now!


Sometimes we can feel a bit stuck and business is a bit quiet, especially now before Christmas. You might also have neglected some parts of it so this is the perfect time to fine-tune these things!

1. Blog posts

Proofread past blogpost and start drafting up new ones. Blogposts are amazing way to show what you can do and your potential clients might find you through them.

2. Get testimonials!

The best way is to send a form that asks for feedback, what they liked about working with you, something that was confusing or could be improved, what they want more help with, and then ask if you can use it as a testimonial. You then get some great advice for changes you can be making + awesome tutorials to add to your site!

3. Update outdated graphics

Any parts of your site or blog that might need to look more cohesive with the rest of your brand? Maybe your old blogposts has some grainy photos or out of brand graphics. Get the changes made or ask your designer.. or me, I love fixing up blog graphics and also making sure they are optimised for pinterest!

4. Check-up on all your social media description

Are they all reflecting what you do and who you help? Is it good quality profile photo and if you use a logo, does it show the whole logo? Make sure they all stay consistent, and maybe even check the old linkedin profile you have...

5. New social media 

If you feel confident with your current social media accounts, set up another and learn how to use it. Start by creating an account and following a few people to see what they do. Search for articles or if you have a question fire it across to me!

6. Have a professional email with your domain

It's easy to just use gmail, icloud etc but if you have a domain its super easy to set up your own email. Every hosting and domain provider does it differently, but just contact the support system and they will guide you through it.

7. Go through your email

Tidy your email and make sure you reply to anyone you've forgotten. Once in a while I go through old emails that people never replied back to. I make sure that I ask how I can help and what I currently offer. I also create different email folders for different subjects > clients, family, newsletters, purchases, business etc. so that I can easily find these emails.

8. Share blogposts

Automatically share blog posts on social media and pinterest. If you aren't doing this already people might not even know you have a blog! You can share old blogposts too. Just double check they look good and start sharing ;)

9. Prep for next year!

Have your organised your business for next year? Do you have potential clients you can reach out to? Promote your work for the new year and start thinking about marketing strategies.

10. Income and expenses

Annnnd I leave the most boring task to last.. tidy all your income and expenses! I know we all hate to do this, but instead of stressing out about it before next years tax, set up a folder for income (everything you have been earning) and expenses (everything you have bought for your business, definitely ask your accountant for some tips here!). I have mine safely stored online incase something will happen in the future. 

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you will get some business coming in!