What to do before contacting a designer


A lot of times people come to me when they have a business idea and I'm always really excited when people share it with me. However, the crucial part of setting up a business isn't a logo or website. The most important thing is to figure out what you want and how to do it! So if you come to a designer without really knowing what you are looking for, it's going to be hard to communicate what you want.

I provide a brand discovery book and a questionnaire to find out what your business is about and how I can help you. However, a few times I have worked with previous clients they are scattered with their ideas. 

What you need to start thinking about

  1. What makes your business unique
    How are you different to others in the market? Is it how you work with people, who you work with, your process or something completely unique to your product/services?

  2. What's your niche and target market
    A lot of times we are advised to write down age, location, their interest etc. However, try to focus on some qualities of theirs instead. Write down one ideal client, what they like, dislike, strive for and how they work. Just focus on this person and answering their needs.

  3. What do you want to achieve and what is your mission
    Create monthly goals, one year and 2,5,10 year goals! Don't set a limit on what you can achieve. You want your new amazing looking design to reflect where you want to be, not where you currently are.

  4. What parts do you enjoy doing and what do you need help with
    This might be for the future, but don't set yourself as an expert in everything. Who are some others you can refer to or get help from?

  5. Do you need to learn a new skill
    Set yourself one or two goals of things you need to learn. Maybe it's social media, newsletter, how to sell online or how to market yourself?

  6. How will you sell your product and services
    Write down the whole process, pre-write some emails you can send out automatically, and make sure that it's easy for your customers.

  7. Have a name!
    Post on how to find your business name! However, start by writing down as many ideas as possible that you think can relate to your business. Also make sure it's easy to spell and check if it's already taken for domain or social media.

  8. Find your tagline
    A sentence that describes what you do, who your dream clients are and how you help them. Your business name doesn't always reflect this, so here is your change to answer this.

  9. Create an elevator pitch
    Make sure that you can explain what you do and be confident! I know this is super hard, but depending on who I talk to I explain what I do differently. Not everyone needs to hear exactly what you do, but if you are talking to your dream client, you want to get their attention!

  10. Have a few clients first
    You might have to help a few people out or produce products before getting more clients. Is there a demand for what you want to do? Before diving in to deep, make sure that you have a few clients lined up.

  11. Define each of your services or products
    Use a bit time to figure this out instead of offering a mixed set. Most people come to business to find out how they can help them and don't always know what they need. So give them a service and a solution on how you can solve their problem. Make it easy for them.

  12. What's your process
    Write down each step when getting a new client. Make it automatic for them and give them as much information as possible. Even set up a few email templates and things you can give to them.

  13. Contract
    If you need a contract make sure everything is clear and check with a lawyer.

  14. Set up your business!
    Countries do this differently so search up someone who can help locally.

  15. Accountant
    Find an accountant to help you with creating a system. It makes it so much easier once you need to do taxes!