Creating a moodboard for your brand

First of what is a moodboard? Moodboard, brand board, inspiration board, many names for something that is so fun to make. This is the visual inspirational representation of your whole brand. When I start working with clients this is an important step to define how the brand will look like and feel. Once I start creating the designs I can have the moodboard as a visual representation and be sure that everything stays consistent and that we are both on the same page. This is also useful for the client to print out and have next to their working space to look at when creating visuals themselves or writing to their client.

The client I'm working with might pick a few different colours, but usually from the questionnaire, we have found out a few things they really like and a few things they don't. Also who their target market is and what they want their brand to feel like. I go through the visuals they have liked, pick a few myself and create a moodboard that combines the images together to create one that represents the whole brand. 

Moodboards aren't just for branding, they can be used when you want to create a theme party, wedding, interior design for your home, or updating other design parts of your business. This is the moodboard I used for my tiny little downstairs bathroom. 

a board used by designers on which samples of various colours and textures are mounted to help in deciding which elements complement each other
— Dictionary

What type of images?

So how do you find these images? I ask my clients to gather these images so I can see what type of design styles they like:

  • colour palettes they like

  • patterns and textures they have been thinking about

  • a photo of their dream client

  • their ideal workspace or shop

  • font styling - modern, calligraphy, handwritten

  • logos and branding they love

  • websites they find inspirational

I would say the more the better, but try to always think about your business and not just what you like personally. What type of feelings do you want to evoke, do they represent the vision you have for your business, would your dream client love it, do you love it?

Also as much as some clients love one logo or image, this is just for inspiration and to create a mood, not to do what someone else has done before. You want to be able to stand out and that doesn't mean copying someone else's work ;)