Getting started with mailchimp


Why mailchimp?

FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. Easy to customise and keep control of it yourself. 

Signing up

Go on to and click sign up for free. You will get an email to activate your account. Click on the link and it will walk you through a tour! This is the amazing part because it teaches you how to do it while setting it up. At the end you can also subscribe to get a starter guide newsletter. Great way to understand more about it and great help section when you sign in!


Set up a list for each type of newsletter you want to send out. Usually you want one main list for your site so when viewers subscribe to this on your site they will get added here. However, if you have different parts to your business and you know that your clients only want to see one side of it, you then create unique ones. If you f.ex have local classes, create this as a newsletter because people not living close by don't want to see this.


A template is a design that you can reuse. So what I do is that I start with a template I like, customise it with colors and logos. When you then want to create a newsletter you choose this template and it will have your designs.


A campaign is the actual email you will be sending out. Start with a regular type of campaign. This is the best way - next is to add the campaign info. Name your campaign something relevant so you can remember what it contains - your viewers can’t see this. However subject line is important - right under there is a link “how do I write a good subject line”.

Start adding content

Add text, images and content etc. Top right you can also “preview and test” to see how it looks on web and mobile. If you have done adjustments and really like the look of it you can also click “save as a template”. If you want to work on it later click “save and exit”. When you click next it will show you how the newsletter will look like. Then click send!

What do write

A post is coming where I give you some inspiration on what to write about, but the main idea of a newsletter is to connect more with your clients. Share information that they might find useful, and once in a while promote your business ;)


After you have sent it you can see how the performance of the campaign (newsletter) is going. It shows how many has opened it, clicked on the links and which links were most popular.