How can you get more clients


You might have just started your business or been doing it for a while and struggling to get more people to notice you. A few quick tips that you can test out to make sure people notice you and you receive more inquiries 

1. Ask and share

First ask friends, family and anyone you might know! Maybe they know someone or they need help themselves. Then ask them to share your business online or if you have a business card, brochure or website. They can easily share this by talking about what you do or post on social media.

2. Instagram

If you don't have instagram for your business, set it up right away! If you do have it, have a look at it. Does it look consistent? Using good images? Sharing and inspiring instead of just selling? Are you making your posts engaging? Have a look at other feeds (not just in your industry) and see what draws your attention. 

3. Contest

Run a contest and have some fun with it! Give a package of your service or product. A discount for a day or week. Maybe even ask people to share it!

4. Collaborate

Collaborate with someone that might be able to help you. Doing everything alone is not going to work in the end. Having people you can refer your clients to is a great way of giving value to your clients. I could do it all for my clients, but I then wouldn't have time to do what I'm an expert in. Instead when a client asks me for this I always refer to people I know that are good at what they do!

5. Interview

Interview people on your blog and make them share the post. This can be a great way to connect with others or ask if you can give some tips and advice for their readers. 

6. Ask directly!

This might be a bit scary, but if you see someone that might need your help, you can always start connecting with them. Either sending them an email or start talking with them. 

7. Referrals 

Ask your current clients if they can answer a few question you want for feedback and also if they would like to refer you someone they might know need your help.

8. Niche

Have you found your ideal customer? Written down what makes them your dream client and how can you reach out to them. Find their likes, dislikes, how they like working with people and explore more sharing possibilities.

9. Join groups

There are a ton of Facebook groups and a great way to connect with people. A lot of them ask to introduce yourself and say how you help your clients. You might not get a direct client from it, but people will start noticing you.

10. Get a rebrand!

Update your site, your portfolio/services to reach your ideal clients. If you don't have something that reflects to them, then start producing it. It helps having something that looks professional and speaks your vision. I'm always interested to help people with this so have a look at my service page to see how you can improve your brand and website.