Naming your business


What should you call your business or maybe you want to change it? I think it's always best to not rush this part, to start scribbling it all down and then once you have a few, test them out. Sometimes a name might suddenly appear while you are doing something else or maybe it's the name you've had on your mind for a while. However, it should feel amazing to say it out loud!

1. What is your brand

If you haven't gone through why you are setting up the businesses, who your target market is etc. I would recommend this first.

  • Why are you setting up this business?

  • How are you helping your clients?

  • What's your goal - 1 year and maybe even 5! I always tell my clients to aim for bigger goals!

  • Words that describe you and your business

  • What's your language like

2. Keyword list

Create a list of every word that you associate with your brand. It can be anything and more the better! Just as many words and search up words in thesaurus if you need a few extra.

3. Other words

Are there other words that you can identify with and maybe use in some other type of way? Can you play with words?

4. Combined words

Look at your list and combined as many words as you can. Maybe make a new word by combining them or add something to the end of a word.

5. Easy

Make it easy for your clients to remember and type. If you have to spell it or remind them, you know people are going to forget it. Don't use numbers or symbols instead of words, like 2, 4 and @. Most people will write it with letters and it's a trend that won't work as well with everyone and last as long.

... is it good enough?

  • Ask friends and family - but still remember it needs to suit your

  • Would your ideal customer like it?

  • Do others get your name?

  • Is it too confusing or weird?

  • Is it easy to remember?

  • Easy to pronounce and spell?

  • Is the domain available?

  • Is it available on social media?

  • Good to use in 1,5, 10 years time?

Most important things is that you should love it and it reflects your brand!