How to get awesome business headshots


Once you get your own photos of yourself and your business you will feel amazing! So many of my clients have been nervous about getting there photos taken and I tell you it is a lot easier than you think!

Yes, you can find beautiful stock photos out there, but they won't fit your branding exactly. Also having a photographer for 2-3 hours where you get a couple of hundred photos of you, your company, products etc. is an amazing folder of photos you can use for your business. I use mine for my website, social media, newsletters, blogs etc. 

1. Find a photographer you like

You got to like their photography style, personality and way of working. I had met mine before and I loved his photos and I knew I was going to be comfortable around him. I was a bit nervous at first, but he knew what he was doing. You also get a lot of photos so do not be worried about finding one you like! Will for example not use the ones where I'm leaning over and my shirt makes me look pregnant...

2. Prepare for everything

If it's at your home or your office then make sure everything is tidy and clean. You don't want to be waisting your time doing this once the photographer is there. When I got my photos taken I organised different outfits. 1. It makes it look like different days the photos are taken, 2. your original outfit might look weird in photo or the light isn't perfect. Too small patterns can often look weird in photos, so have a mix of colours and patterns. 

3. Don't overdue it

Ok, so you don't want to just wake up and put on some baggie clothes, but what you do need to do is wear things that are you. You don't need to wear a suit or a fancy dress if it doesn't reflect your business. What is your favorite outfits, jewellery that you normally wear, everyday makeup and how you put your hair up. Make it you!

4. Have props

Find things that you use in your business. If you are a yoga instructor then find your yoga mat f.ex. I'm a designer so I had my laptop, pencils, books, notepads, prints etc, but since my clients are businesses in the wellness industry I also made sure I made a smoothie, had a glass of lemon, some energy balls etc. and I could share it with the photographer.

5. Relax

Before the photoshoot do not stress out and run around doing other things. Block out at least an hour before and after (incase it goes overtime). Organise and prepare everything, check makeup and your teeth one last time. 

Last tip: Create a moodboard! Have a look at the one I made which really helped me and the photographer know my ideas. Check out my pinterest board for inspiration