Writing your service page to get more outcome


Your service page is to inform the viewer more about what your business does. It can be online or in person services, or both! You want it to come across clearly and at the same time give us much information as possible. If the client doesn't get what you do or how you can help, they are going to find someone else that can do this. So you want this to be clear, informative and show your expertise. 

Your services

Write a clear explanation of each of your services and split it up into bullet points what they include. The more people understand what they get, the more they will want to know.


Identify your client and who you work with. Imagine your dream client, explain who they are, what you can do for them and how you can help them. If you have a very niche market this can help a lot, or split up your services for different target market. 


Depending on what your service is, write down what happens after they agree to purchase. Will they get an email, how will they work with you, timeline etc? This is to be sure that they know what will happen and trust you.


If you have a price for each of your services, make sure this is clear and also that they know exactly what comes with it. Instead of saying "price", write "your investment", because people want to know that it's not just about paying something, but that they will invest.


This can be a seperate page, but make sure it's easy to find if it's important information here. Go through your whole process and what people might be wondering about. Once you have done this, send it over to friends/family and ask if they have any questions. This is a place where you can fill in more once you learn from it. If I get a question from a client I haven't thought about, I make sure that I add this in for next time. This saves me time and easier for the next client.


Add testimonials from clients! Mix this between all your pages, but find ones that relate to that specific service or product. Send out a form to people you have worked with asking for some feedback and if you can use it for testimonials. If you haven't had any clients yet make sure that you test it out on some people and ask them how the process went.

Why you

Explain to them what sets you apart and how your services help others. Do you have a story, have you experienced what they have felt, or maybe studied it? I've written a post on how to write your about page here.

Photos & graphics

You can either have photos taken of what you do or if it’s a physical product or online guide have photo/graphics of what they will be receiving. If it's a ebook for example, create some graphics that shows the inside of it and the cover. Photo of the physical products in surroundings, people using it, different angles or nice backgrounds.

Call to action

What do you want clients to do when they are on your website? Call to action buttons prompt your audience to take action. Read more, sign up to your newsletter, find out about your services or products, follow on social media. We want this on each of your pages, usually one major one that stands out. If you have a new program coming along, want more people to sign up to your newsletter or a specific service > then make sure that this stands out from other smaller call to action buttons. 


Make it easy for them to contact you if they have any questions. If multiple people ask about the same things, then add it to FAQ so you don’t have to write the same response.