Writing your About page - and no, it's not just about you!


Writing your about page should be fun! More people are reading about pages to find out more about the businesses and who is behind it. We want to see that it's a human that is passionate about their business. They want to see who is behind it and believe in what they do. Be authenthic, talk about your challenges, let me know something I don't already know! 

1. Quick & bold intro

Quickly introduce yourself, name and what specifically you can do for them. If they are having a hard time finding what your business is about then you will quickly lose their interest. Don’t just say your qualification, but how you help your client. This is the part I usually highlighting when designing websites, so make sure you catch their interest.

2. Set yourself apart

Share all the things that make you different and unique compared to other people in the business. Find a niche in the market that others haven't thought about. Talk about things that they don’t already know. Why did you start the business, who are your clients, what are your goals?  

3. It’s about your client

Potential clients come to your site to find out how you can help them out. Write down who your clients are, how can you help them and what will they gain from it. Create a few lists of their personality traits, hobbies, careers, and what their goals are. Then make sure that your design and content reaches out to them. 

4. Services

Now you can start telling them about the services you offer and so that they can click to find out more. This is a great opportunity to make it more personal and add a fun fact about your services.

5. A bit about yourself

Tell them about yourself, but make it relevant to your businesses. A few random facts are good and can be fun, but the main focus is for them to understand why you set up the businesses. What is your story, how did you get here, what made you do what you do? I like writing in first person, it becomes more personal. If it's just you working behind the business, then say this! People love seeing that it's actually someone behind the business. If there are more of you, introduce them too!

6. Photo

Have some good profile shots taken of you in your companies surroundings. It makes it easier for potential clients to connect to a real person. Ask around if someone knows a photographer. It usually takes only a couple of hours and you get lots of photos that you can use for your business around your site. It's a great investment because you can use them on my site and blend them into your social media posts.

7. Extra tips

How do you want them to feel while reading it? Write in first person to make it more personal. Look at other about me pages and why do you like them? Add testimonials from clients. Behind the scene photos. Stand out and make this page unique to you.

8. Call to action

Call to action is what your viewers will click on to get more info. What do you want clients to do after they have read the about page? Find out more about your services, buy a product, opportunity to sign up to your newsletter, read your blog, follow you on social media? On my site, I take them over to my favourite blog post!