Have a question?

Wondering about how I work or why I do certain things? I might just have the answer for you! If you can't find what you are looking for, drop me a line.

The difference between logo & branding

When I first started studying design and working with clients, I believed that the logo was the most important part. That’s what clients wanted and I could give them beautiful designs. However, this didn’t reach their goals of having a successful business they were proud of and wanted to aspire. What I noticed was that a lot of times they often didn’t know what they needed. What I now offer is providing knowledge about your brand and pulling everything together.

Do you offer Consulting?

Yes, I do! You might already have a website and amazing brand, but unsure how to expand it and make it cohesive. Contact me and I can let you know how I can help.

What are your business hours?

I work normally from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. However, I’m not always at my desk, but will respond to any after hour emails the following business day.

When do i pay & how

For all projects, before I start creating a deposit needs to be paid. Half of the price for branding and one-third for websites. I use Stripe, a secure online payment that takes credit and debit card.

How much does it cost?

The prices I have in my Package & Service guide is my usual starting price. Depending on the project, it's hard to give an accurate amount. I would need to know more specifically what you need, extra elements or functions.

Do you print?

I can give advice and let you know what I can do. However, I do help talking to printers about what file types they need.

I need a brand/website quickly!

I’m usually working with current clients and can only take on so many projects at once. I make sure that when I am working with someone that they get all the focus. Before we start working we find a good time for you to get all the information to me and also for us to work together.

Benefits of Squarespace

A few reasons why I have switched over to squarespace
- You don’t have to worry about updating the site or keeping it secure from hackers.
- Amazing free support from squarespace and guides on how to use it. I also give tutorials on how to use your site. Cheaper overall because you don’t have to hire me for small updates and it's very user-friendly.
- You can add extra newsletter, galleries or social media feeds etc without hassle.
- It’s responsive, looks great on all mobile devices and tablets.
- You can create password protected page if you wanted to have membership page.
- Integrated e-commerce allowing you to have a shop on your site selling your products.

I want extra web pages/functions added

Web sites have a starting price. If you want more pages, functions, membership or webshop I will go through this with you and customise a quote.

Do I need Website hosting & domain?

Squarespace comes with hosting and also a free domain for one year. Squarespace is between $12-$18 pounds per month and includes everything. If you already have a domain I make sure it is redirected. I also help when you need to pay so you don't have to worry about something going wrong.

What will I need in advance?

For all my packages I make sure that you have time to provide everything needed. When it comes to the website I recommend getting some photos taken and I also give you guides for what type of content I need. If you feel at a loss with writing the copy, I can recommend copy writers.

Do you create websites if I have a logo?

I do if you have a well-designed brand and branding guidelines. If not I do recommend looking at this first since without it your website might not reflect what you want it to look like and I also don't have any designs to work it all together.

Will I be able to manage my website?

Of course! I always include tutorials and guides on how to make sure that you have the tools to update your website and post blog posts. However, if you need any help I’m always here.

Can you just do a website?

Yes! If you have a well-designed brand and website than I can help with any extras like social media posts, pdf guides, newsletters and other materials.