Island Threads

Brand identity & marketing material



Island Threads was born from a love of island living, and inspired by travel, the beachlife and effortless style. They don't follow the crowd + not only curate products from around the world, but also design and produce their own ethical clothing. 



When first working with Island Threads, we found a few keywords that were essential: edgy, unique, fun, original, stylish, gypsy, beach, homemade. A fresh, modern, and fashion reflected with a island lifestyle vibe. 

A water drop with a palm tree inside that represents an island and thin lines to get that feeling of thread and fabric. The typography has been made edgy and fun with some of the lines extending making waves. 

Extra design elements to continue the island vibe with wavy lines and fun typography elements. Also created a mandala continuing the design of the logo to desktop screensaver and prints on fabrics.


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