Jersey seafaris

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Jersey Seafaris do regular RIB boat trips, tours & charters around Jersey’s magnificent coastline & offshore islands. They had a website that needed a redesign and that was easier for customers to find and book trips, especially for turists that might not know much about it and will use their phones. So making it responsive, clear and also at the same inspire people to come to Jersey. Fun project to work on when all the images are stunning, so we made sure these were used as much as possible.

Major things we wanted to do

A mobile friendly website
Show off their amazing photos
Easy to find their trips
Improve the looks for the booking system
Have a map that shows all their trips
A video banner on their homepage
User friendly website journey
Make the about page more exciting
Set up a inspirational blog
Organise their pages 

Not having the most creative ideas, I want a designer to come up with ideas that I love and can use, I always worry their first drafts could be completely wrong - but Hanna’s ideas and designs are great from the beginning. It makes the whole process much simpler!!! Really pleased and already seeing increased business - especially through our website.
— Rich, Jersey Seafaris

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