Communicating with your designer


I have worked with people that have previously used designers where something didn't work. They come to me unsure if I can help and scared about yet another designer not solving their problem. It's also happened to me when I started setting up for myself and it didn't always work out. We didn't connect, I was unsure how to handle the situation and it was challenging for both of us. However, I have learnt a few things along the way, because how to give the best service is to learn from mistakes! Designers and anyone you will work with don't understand right away what you want. They should be sending you questionnaires and also not just saying "yes I will change that", but tell you what they recommend.

1. Be honest

Make sure that you are honest and explain why you don't like something. It's your business and important that you love it and see where it's going.

2. How it feels

Explain to them what feels right and what doesn't feel right about.

3. Give time

Always take some time to go through what they have given you. Sleep on it and look at it again. Rushing when you are stressed or worried is never a good thing.

4. Target Market

Think about your target market. You should love it, but most important thing, it should reach to your potential clients and they should love it.

5. Detailed feedback

Designers aren't mind readers so the more you tell them easier it is.

If you are hiring a skilled designer they should know what they are doing and explain why they are doing it. Trust the designer and make sure that they feel like they can be creative and do what you hired them to do!