How to write your contact page


Your contract page should be fun and make it exciting for your potential clients to contact you! I often see contact pages that say "contact us", simple contact form.. and that's it! This is your opportunity to grab their attention and make sure they know you want to be contacted!

1. Make it easy to find the contact page

Is your contact page in your menu or easy to find in your footer? Do not complicate this and make it hard to find that information. I always have a contact me/us at the bottom of the footer. Reason being most people scroll all the way down for this information if they can't find it somewhere else. 

2. Why should they contact you?

Have you told them why they should contact you? Be helpful with any questions they might have by answering it on the page. Have a friendly little blurb about your business, who you help, what you can help them with. 

3. More ways of contacting you

Provide all the information you have

  • Email: provide this and the contact form so people can choose which one

  • Social Media links: they want to connect with you!

  • Address: If you have a shop make sure it is here and a map too + directions

  • Contact hours: Again if you have a shop let them know when you are open

  • Newsletter: They might not have seen it on the homepage or in the footer, so include it here to make sure they can get your news!

  • Phone number: Only if it's an important part to your business

4. Customise your form

If there are things you always ask people after they have contacted you, add this to the contact form! For my contact form I have written in the description what are a few things I want to know. This makes sure that when I get an email I know exactly what I need to know and so can start with the next steps. However, do not make this long! If there are a lot of fields people won't want to fill it all in, so just grab necessary information.

5. Bring in your brand personality!

What does your business sound like? Make sure it matches the rest of the website! Grab their attention and make them want to contact you. These are some super simple ones, but add your "fetchy" word to it.

  • How can I/we help you?

  • Please let us know how we can help you

  • I/we are here to help

  • Hey, something you are wondering about?

  • Say hello

  • Give me/us a shout!

  • We are ... ready to help you

  • Get in touch

  • We love to get to know new people

  • Hit me/us up

6. Final tip

Have a call to action! Every page should have this, so why not give focus to your newsletter, FAQ page, testimonials, resources or blogposts.