How to set up a sales page

I've created a few sales pages now and find it so much fun to work with! So firstly, a sales page is one page that sells something you are offering. It can be an ebook, retreat, memberships, programs, anything you want to sell that you need to give more information about. 

There are a lot of them out there and that's why it's important to make sure yours stand out, but also that it provides people with a solution. 

Crucial parts

  1. Tagline that explains what you are selling
    Keep it short, sweet and catchy. Grab their attention and inform them right away.

  2. Introduce what you are selling in a few paragraphs
    Why you made it, what are your experiences and why should they be buying it from you?

  3. Who are you helping?
    Explain who it is for and what are things they might be struggling with.

  4. What are they wanting?
    You want them to understand their problem

  5. How will this help them?
    Write the end result you want people to feel - you want to be solving the problem you are understanding.

  6. Everything that is included with what you are selling
    Create a bullet list so they can see what they will be getting.

  7. Testimonials!
    If you don't have any, make sure you give a couple for free to people in exchange of testimonials. Create a form with a few questions that you send to them after.

  8. Start date and time
    When is it launching if you are doing a short amount of time.

  9. FAQs
    Prevent having to answer the same questions, and also if people do ask you something that isn't there add it to the list.

  10. Refund policy
    Important to have this clearly written down

  11. Call to action!
    Make sure it doesn't just say "buy now", but find something that might relate to what you are selling.

  12. Let them get to know you!
    Something unique about yourself that will make them remember you, but also why you created this and what your experiences are.

  13. Having fun!
    Yes yes yes! Make sure that you are having fun and showing off you who are and how your amazing product will benefit them! Don't hide it, be confident and no excuses ok!

  14. Call to actions!
    Most importantly, have call to actions spread around the page so it makes it easy for people to join you!
    - I'm ready!
    - Sign me up!
    - Yes please, let's get started!
    - Sounds like what you need? Let's get started!
    - Join me now!
    - Invest now