The difference between file types


Once you get all your files from a designer it can be confusing which ones to use and what to send to a printers or upload online. Here is a quick intro to each file type that you might recieve.

Raster files

Raster files are made up of small dotes and once you make it bigger than original size it becomes blurry/pixelated.


  • Can’t be transparent. So if it is saved with a white background, that will always show.

  • Used for photos, but also files with backgrounds f.ex for facebook cover & profile photos.

  • When saving images for your website, social media or anything online its usually best to go for JPG and make sure it’s the exact size you need it as and lowest quality before it starts looking pixelated. This is to make your websites load faster.


  • Supports transparency. When saved without a background, this will be transparent.

  • For example for your logo, you can add that on top of an image and only the logo will show.

  • To make sure people know it’s your photo, add your logo to the corner of your shared images. You can also add your website link or name written at the bottom.

Vector files

Vector files can be made bigger and not loose the quality and always stay smooth.


  • Can be scaled as large as possible

  • Good for printing files - posters, t-shirts. Logos & illustrations. Always ask your printer what they prefer it in.


  • Used mainly for text documents.

  • If you use word, pages or any program you use, add the pdf or eps logo. This makes the logo look crisp and not loose it’s quality.

  • Send to printers for business cards, flyers, documents f.ex. Unless they tell you, always send pdfs to printers and make sure image is in good quality.

  • If you want to send a text document to others, send as pdf since it will keep the font, logo and styling unlike word which unless they have the font it will change it to a font they have.


  • These are the original working files when designers create them. It’s a design program called Adobe illustrator.