Jennifer Moore

Branding + Website + Marketing + PDF guides



Jennifer Moore is a certified holistic health coach and chef who wants to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle and be a better version of themselves. Offering workshops, coaching programs, cooking classes, retreats and yoga classes (the ones on the beach are amazing!), she has something for everyone.


The Design

When Jenn came to me she had a few different graphics, but nothing that was consistent. She had a vision and wanted to expand this with a brand that represented her goals. We started with the moodboard and then worked on the branding. Bright colourful photos, minimalistic and modern design that is timeless. Her photos are so bright and colourful, that by using just black and white, it contrasts and doesn't blend in with her photos. Customised handwriting which I created for each individual design. This makes her designs stand out because no one else has this handwriting. Having the same handwriting as others can lead to confusion of brands and mix them up. 


The Website

On top of this we created a website that shows everything she has to offer with big beautiful images, handwriting, and using the boxes around headings to match the logo. We wanted the site to be inspirational, easy to navigate and that it could evolve. Each page is unique: yummy recipes, inspiring blog posts, info about detoxes, her retreats, yoga classes + a newsletter with a free guide when signing up. We especially worked on her retreat pages using sales page techniques to make sure it captured people's interest and informed them and gave them clear directions what to do.


The Extras

Jenn has a lot of great knowledge and content, and we wanted to create more content that is fun to share! We have created ebook recipe guides (get her free breakfast guide here - yum!). Marketing material and social media graphics using the brands own customised handwriting. Free desktop design to download (click here if you want one!) and even handwritten typography tote bags for her retreats.

I look forward to working again with her in the future!
— Jennifer Moore

If you are interested in having your own unique branding and website drop me a line