Creating Success

It's time to make your business amazing. I want to help you have a brand and website and online presence that will grow your tribe. To communicate your purpose, find your direction and dream clients. Be extraordinary and stand out in a crowded market. 

To make your vision look good,
but also have a meaning!



I'm here to help you


My mission

Helping female-led businesses in the wellness and health industry make an impact by communicating their purpose through design, reach their dream clients and have an amazing online presence.


The logo shop


Premium customised logos for start-ups to look professional within 5 days - only sold once!


The creative behind Wildly

I'm Hanna Mathilde, the founder and designer of Wildly. With Bachelors in graphic design and Masters in web and interactive design I strive to help brands find clarity and be confident! I love being creative and I support this with regular fuel of herbal teas, raw cakes, kitten snuggles and taking time for yoga, podcast walks and exploring the world/backyard

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