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To be Wildly creative + design for passionate businesses + help creatives to reach their goals by launching their brand identity and website.


Hi there, how amazing that you are here and taking the first step to explore possibilities! The Wildly Design is a creative studio that helps passionate business and creatives to bring their projects to life. I want to learn the true meaning of your business and find out how we can push your goals and vision. The first thing your potential clients see is also their first impression of you: your logo, graphics, social media, website etc. However, what they experience afterwards is as important. That's why when I work with clients I don't just create a beautiful logo. I create something that represents and inspires them. I want you to stand out from the crowd in your own unique way! 


How I can help you

My mission

Every business starts somewhere and I want to help you communicate your purpose, find your direction and understand your dream client. To make your vision look good, but also have a  meaning so people believe in it!


The Girl Behind Wildly

I'm Hanna Mathilde, the founder and designer of Wildly. I love being creative, raw cakes, kittens, herbal teas, nature, yoga and exploring the world.

Setting up a business is a difficult and a long process. You just want to get it all done, but knowing how to get there can be daunting - I've felt this way too!

So I'm here to help you do what you really love - to pursue your dreams by making your brand, website and visuals feel & look amazing!

I'm not here to create a quick fix logo. We work together to create an amazing looking brand that makes you stand out from the crowd and a website that reaches out to your potential new clients!

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recent work

jennifer moore

jennifer moore

spa elixir

spa elixir

Jersey Seafaris

Jersey Seafaris

island threads

island threads


The Wildly Manifesto

A place where we strive to empower each other to pursue what we love. Push our goals and not blend in. Embrace our own wildly path. Stand out from the crowd and be confident. Have fun, take risks and live our dream. Reach out to our dream tribe and guide them through a journey. Take a unique look at what a brand represents, its core values, and help connect and engage potential customers. Work one-on-one to make sure that viewers see the amazing things you have to offer.

From my clients

  • Hanna helped me shape the ideas in my head into a reality. i love her personal approach to branding and website design. She just "gets" what you're looking for!
    — Vanessa Garrett Yoga
  • Designers I have used in the past have struggled to grasp my vision and would leave me feeling like I could and should of done it myself. When working with you this was not the case, I felt like you understood the direction of my business and your work reflected exactly what I wanted.
    — Lewis Smith, Island Retreats
  • You seemed to know exactly what would suit my style and made a very attractive website. I have recommended you to others.
    — Sue Trower Photography
  • I would certainly recommend your service to others! I felt you were very personable, friendly, creative, and that you really "got" where I was coming from and the vision of my project.
    — Lucy Foster-Perkins
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