Why wildly?

The Wildly Design was started up by myself and is a one person design studio. Why the name Wildly? A few reasons... One, because I wanted to be my wild self and create designs for businesses that believed in the same things:

to be unique, help others, be creative and have fun while pushing their dreams

The other reason is that I love being outside, nature, living a healthy & sustainable lifestyle and I absolutely adore working with people that also strive for this.


I wanted a place where I could inspire entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and push them further. I know it's difficult setting up your own company and want to be able to help in other ways by teaching how to speak to your clients, reach your potential and also to have something that makes you look amazing. I think we all want to hand out a cool business card and show our inspiring website that makes us feel awesome! 


I'm Hanna Mathilde,
it's nice to meet you! 

So who am I? I'm a graphic and web designer from Norway with a love for design and creativity who is currently living on a tiny little island called Jersey in the Channel Islands. Here I'm able to work for myself in a beautiful place that allows me to live a healthy lifestyle while learning how to surf and be outside.

As a child I loved drawing and using my hands to craft new things. I grew up with a very creative family that encouraged me from a young age. It has always made me see the possibilities of working for yourself and enjoying life while doing something you enjoy. 

I've moved a lot around, lived half of my childhood in Norway skiing and hiking, and the other in Thailand  scuba diving and loving all stray kittens and puppies. I studied Visual Communication Design first in Norway, then to continue my degree I traveled to the other side of the world to finish my bachelors in Brisbane, Australia. 

I was awarded a scholarship to continue my degree, and received my Masters in Digital Design focusing on web, motion and interactive design.

I've worked at a few marketing, branding and website agencies, but I didn't feel like I got to know the clients enough. Early in my degree I found out that what I really loved doing was creating a whole brand identity. During my masters in digital design, I realised I also wanted to create websites that drove actions and wasn't just based on looking nice, but that it had a purpose and focused on user experience.

My day generally consists of being creative in one way or another. I usually sketch in my notebook, concocting new recipes like raw cakes, DIYing for my place, practicing my handwriting, go for a run or a yoga session and surf!

I hope you enjoy my work & don't hesitate to email me


Random stuff about me

  • I love comic books, favourite being Bone by Jeff Smith, and guilty teenage pleasure was W.I.T.C.H. by Elisabetta Gnone.

  • I'm also a huge movie and book nerd (Harry Potter, Wild, The Alchemist, Name of the Wind) - give me a recommendation!

  • The drawing above is from when I was 5 years old and it's up at my Grandmothers :P

  • I'm a crazy cat lady (mom to rescue cat Nanook), but love all animals and I'm a veggie.
  • I've lived more than 20 different homes and more than 8 places (I think?).
  • Learning how to surf & absolutely loving it!
  • Most of my family are entrepreneurs and creatives - check their sites out: mother, father, aunt, unclegrandmother.