How do I do that?

Now wait a minute! What do I actually do? The short explanation is that I carefully create customised brands that get noticed and websites that leads to actions. However, I believe in more than making something beautiful or a one-size fits all solution. Instead I research and find out what will catch your dream clients' attention. It's about their experience, how they feel, interact with and understand your brand.


- vision, voice and visual. When all of these combine that's when you get a brand.

I work one-on-one with all my clients and every project is different. During the whole process we collaborate together. That's why I take a unique approach to all client proposals. Every business has a story and my mission is to share this with your potential viewers. I want them to believe in your idea. It's important to create something that represents your goals & vision and that will speak to your dream audience. I create personalised and unique branding, website designs and graphics that meet your needs and values.


Who is the Wildly Client?

The Wildly client is someone passionate and driven about what they do. Who wants to help and inspire others. To make a difference in their industry and on a adventure to embrace their dreams. Sound like you?



You have started your business and are unsure which direction to go in. You need help bringing it to life and pushing ideas. You want an established brand presence that you love and feel confident with when launching your new business!


You have your own business, but your brand and logo might not reflect what you are evolving into and it doesn't stand out from competition. You want to draw your dream clients to your site and get a online presence that causes action and converts to income.


You are a creative who wants to showcase your amazing work, but your website and designs aren’t representing it very well. You want to focus the attention on your portfolio and have an online presence that shows your talent and get enquiries.

Online Sales

You want to share your knowledge and start selling digital products or offer membership programs. To create a online presence that sets you as an expert and create a tribe. To have a sales page and start teaching people online. 



how I can help you

I want to be help you communicate your purpose, find your direction and understand your dream clients.

To make your vision look good,
but also have a meaning!

When I first started studying design and working with clients I believed that the logo was the most important part. That's what clients wanted and I could give them beautiful designs! However, a beautiful logo was not enough to help clients reach their business potential. What I noticed was that a lot of times clients did not know what they needed. I now offer insight into your brand by pulling everything together - colours to reflect your values, typography to set the style, and extra design elements to create something unique and speak your brand language.


My Services

I work one-on-one with all my clients. Everything I create is customised and original so you are sure that you stand out and don't have the same design as someone else. We work together on finding your voice, vision and goals to create a unique brand. I offer Branding and Website packages, but also work with extra graphics for print, online and social media. If you are a bit unsure what you need, contact me and I will let you know how I can help!

Ready to invest in your brand?


Branding & logo design

from vision to voice to identity

+ Brand identity that reflects your ideas, personality and shares your story

+ Research and moodboard to find the right visual direction

+ Focus on your business goals and your target market + looks professional!

+ Detailed list on what information I need from you to make it more efficient

+ Different ways to use the designs for print layout and online presence


Website design

From identity to online action

+ Not just pretty, but cohesive with your branding and feel confident sharing it

+ Website that is organised, inspiring and that guides the user into wanting more

+ Have clear Call To Action to drive viewers to act and engage

+ Guide the user through a journey to keep them on the site

+ Easy to maintain > how to update the site and make sure it’s always evolving

+ Tips and example of blogposts images that you can share & drives more traffic 


Other things I do!

Here's a few other ways I can make you look good - contact me for more!

+ Social media graphics and newsletter design to make you stand out!

+ Blog design, sales pages and webshops to improve your site

+ Business cards, letterhead, envelope so you can hand out and be proud of it!

+ PDF guides, eBooks, look books, media kits, presentations: sharing is caring!

+ Posters, invites, invoices/contracts, brochures, signage, packaging

+ Illustrations, handlettering, patterns and infographics so info stands out



One-on-one Skype calls or meet-up if in the same area

You're thinking "this is all a bit to quick and I just want some advice on what I should do with my business and make it stand out!?" Well, that's amazing and I would love to help out and discuss your ideas and how we can implement or improve your designs.

I offer one-on-one Skype calls where I can give you advice for the next steps, what can be improved, when is a good time to hire a designer and what's the best way forwards. Contact me to book a time.


Sound like you?

Let's make it happen! Contact me now to receive my process, services, prices pdf on how I can help you!

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